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The Netchicks

Apr 27, 2021

Happy Tuesday the Chicks are making up for last weeks lack of content episode with a whole lot to discuss tonight! They give a real half ass recap of The Oscars, or whatever that was, and prepare to probably be offended by something they say. Sara gives a Bravo update on all things happening in the Bravo world and that includes a Jen Shah sighting! The girls briefly touch on KUWTK & of course discuss Khloe and what the world is saying about her relationship today. They end with The Serpent (Netflix) and although the two disagree on the show you will definitely find yourself siding with one or the other! The two are traveling this weekend so your homework for next week is to SPREAD THE WORD OF YOUR LOVE FOR THE NETCHICKS! They will be back next week with surprise recommendations for each other!

Thanks for listening!!


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