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The Netchicks

May 11, 2021

Happy Tuesday! The chicks are here today to talk your ear off starting with the news of J.Lo & Ben Affleck reuniting. They are feeling "hot hot hot" so hold on tight cause they are dishing it out. They recap KUWTK and the emotional episode that had them both in their feelings & SNL with Elon Musk which they shockingly both completely agree on. Also they try tackling the most asked question "What is Dogecoin?" MAJOR SHOUTOUT to the listeners for convincing them to start Younger (HULU) because these two are jumping with joy and shouting how much they love it, and Brooklyn, from the rooftops! Next week they are back discussing Younger and doing a Q&A but keep listening to the very end to get educated on all things Sara has learned about her pelvic floor- we promise you will laugh the entire last moments of the episode.


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