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The Netchicks

Jan 26, 2023

This week the chicks are joined by their favorite Bravo know it all queen, Maggie Kelly @BestOfBravo! They don't waste anytime talking Salt Lake City, Jen Shah, Miami & which Bravo show Maggie is most excited to watch next month! Bravo superfans this is the episode for you!

Jan 19, 2023

Howdy and Happy Thursday Chicklets! This week Natalie gives a Miley Cyrus update, Golden Globes rundown & then the girls saddle up for 1923! The Net is full of all things Dutton and the girls discuss how they can get on the show. They cover 2 heavy chick chats & then leave you with Bravo homework for next week! Thanks...

Jan 12, 2023

WHAT A THURSDAY CHICKS! Today's episode is a whirlwind of emotions. Natalie updates us on how shes doing and what the greiving process has really been like. She gives a tip on what has helped her throughout this time and continues to thank all chicklets for their support. Then the net consisits of a short story nobody...

Jan 5, 2023

Happy 2023 Chicklets! We missed you dearly and are back ready to chat. Natalie updates everyone on her holidays and how tough they were & the girls try and lift her spirits by talking about all the TV Sara watched. Real Housewives of Miami, The Great, & The Sex Lives of College Girls are all being discussed! Episode...