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The Netchicks

Mar 16, 2023

Happy Thursday the chicks are back with tons and tons and tons of laughs. Seriously this episode is a certain way to make your day. The chicks discuss The Oscars, Daisy Jones & The Six and end with a chickchat Natalie feels very passionate about! Thanks for listening and thank you for over half a million downloads!!!!

Mar 14, 2023

Bonus Epoisode time! Sara is here to answer all your questions baby related and she gives her tips and tricks on everything you need to know/expect for your baby! Enjoy!!

Mar 9, 2023

HAPPPPPPPY Thursday! We hope you drank your Starbucks because this episode is loaded with content. We're talking Natalies weekend home, Pre Oscars,  Vanderpump Rules drama, Shrinking (APPLETV) and then make sure you listen until the end because a rapid fire ChickChat is happening and the chicks answer tons of questions...

Mar 2, 2023

Happy Thursday to you! Natalie and Sara are recapping their very eventful weeks & Nat updates everyone on what show she will be on next! They are discussing 1923 finale & The Murdaugh Murder (Netflix) The episode ends with a couple ChickChats and for next week they are commiting to watching Shrinking ( AppleTV)....

Feb 23, 2023

Happy Thursday! Today is a new day the Netchicks are covering unknown territory: Finance & Golf! You heard us this episode covers Madoff (Netflix) & Full Swing (Netflix) two documentaries that have the chicks feeling some different type of ways. There is no chickchat today but the chicks leave you a tease of some...