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The Netchicks

Oct 27, 2022

Happy Thursday! In this episode Nat gets into her struggles with anxiety and gives her tips and tricks on how she deals with it all when it gets to be too much. The bulk of the Net is covering The Bling Ring Doc on Netflix and how insane the entire story is. Since Nat is the only Chick that watches HOD, she has a fun...

Oct 20, 2022

Bravo , bravo f*cking bravo! This week the chicks traded in their streaming services for VIP passes to Bravocon 2022! They are mentioning it all and not leaving any detail out. They are talking the good, the bad & the Beverly Hills Panel. You’ll never believe who Natalie bonded with and who Sara has turned on! If...

Oct 13, 2022

Happy Thursday! By the time you listen to this episode, Nat and Sara will be boots on the ground at BravoCon!! Listen this week to hear the Chick's thoughts on the new Hocus Pocus movie and Blonde (Marilyn Monroe movie). This episode is longer because we have bravo master himself, Jake Roshkow here to spill the tea...

Oct 6, 2022

Happy Thursday! On this weeks episode the girls discuss:

-       Their chaotic Monday

-       Miles Teller on SNL

-       D calls us mid episode

-       Why are we bored with the Kardashians?

-       Kathy Hilton VS Lisa Rinna

-       RHOSLC

-       House of Dragon Update

-       How can Moms be on the friend...