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The Netchicks

Feb 24, 2022

Happy Thursday, Chicks! Wow. What a week it has been. A LOT happens in this episode. From Nat's weekend and her drinking to Sara's first time away from Sis, we know you all will love this. This week's "Net" is all about Love is Blind season two. We have been dying to discuss this with you guys!!!  Talk next week!

Feb 17, 2022

Happy Thursday! You could say this is a ~love themed episode. From the girls talking about their highschool date spots, to crazy exes, to The Tinder Swindler, it's all happening in this episode. Natalie and Sara also give their thoughts as to why nobody seems to be watching the Winter Olympics this year. Poor Nick....

Feb 10, 2022

Happy Thursday! We always promise to keep it real, and that’s exactly what we did this week. For better or for worse. There are some tears, AJLT finale comments, and of course laughs. Let’s all take a deep breath. We are doing the best we can. All of us. 


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Feb 3, 2022

Jamie Lynn-Sigler joins the chicks this week and let us be the first to tell you, this is our favorite episode thus far. From Soprano talk, to Bravo talk, to home and baby life advice, this episode has it all. Plus, we are lucky because Jamie tells us something she's never told anyone before in an...