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The Netchicks

Jun 29, 2021

Happy Tuesday! The chicks are hot but chatty today! Natalie steals the show with two hilarious stories to start the episode and then recaps a movie she watched on a long flight home! The girls talk Olympics and how excited they are for the upcoming games! They are taking a 2 week break after todays episode but don't you...

Jun 21, 2021

Happy Monday Evening! The chicks are so overwhelmed by the news of Tristan & Khloe they decided to drop the episode immediately after recording...... a day early! So much to discuss this week between Natalie's sleeping habits, KUWTK Reunion & Halston (Netflix) these two are running a million miles a minute....

Jun 15, 2021

Happy Tuesday! BOTH chicks are coming to you from Natalie's childhood bedroom this week! The girls are here to update you on the last two weeks and per usual they have a lot to say! They are recapping KUWTK Series Finale and giving their 2 cents nobody asked for. They take a major dark turn into Easttown and we just...

Jun 1, 2021

It's all in the title. This episode is about ONE thing and ONE thing only....The Friends Reunion (HBOmax) In this 50 minute episode The Netchicks give a very detailed analysis of the HBO production and if you love Friends THIS is the episode for you.


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