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The Netchicks

Jul 29, 2020

In this episode Sara & Natalie discuss the recent Emmy nominations & who they think will take home the big wins!


They put on their investigating hats and get very passionate discussing each of their favorite stories from Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix).


Natalie gives her first Real Housewives of New York (Bravo) recap...

Jul 25, 2020

Welcome to the first official episode of The NETCHICKS. In this episode Sara & Natalie dive into their history as friends and we learn one of Natalie's earliest memories of Sara.


Then they both talk about their Top 5 Quarantine watches. SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen Unorthodox on Netflix we suggest you watch it...

Jul 20, 2020

Sara & Natalie give you a little taste of what NOT to watch and nobody is safe, not even their love for Steve Carell.


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Jul 20, 2020

Annnnnnd ACTION! Meet The Netchicks! Sara Gretzky & Natalie Buck are here to talk all things on screen. These millennials aren't holding anything back, so grab your popcorn and prepare to be fully entertained with the chicks!


Tune into The Netchicks weekly and follow along @TheNetchicks.