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Jan 19, 2021

Get ready y'all cause Sara is live with her sister in law / bff/ soul sister/ bravo fanatic Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) for her FIRST EVER PODCAST & these two are wayyyyyy too excited to be together for this episode. Paulina opens up about who her favorite housewives are, the ones she's known since way back when, and the one she just became friends with! The girls talk LOTS of Bravo, 90 Day Fiance and what Paulina and her man bonded over watching in quarantine. This episode is a rollercoaster of fun so just prepare yourself and your ears! Paulina answers questions from our listeners, dishes soooo much tea and talks what it was like growing up Gretzky. The girls talk about the recent family trip they went on and who their new best friends are. Hope y'all have as much fun listening as we did recording!


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